DG Tech Appliance Repair

Our Warranty

Please, remeber that DG Tech takes care of its customers. Feel free to call about any concerns and we will try to resolve them ASAP and with a very low charge if not completely free. We are in business for many years and 5 star ratings all over the web prove that our customer service is all about helping you!

We are very proud about the quality of our work, and we want to make sure your appliances run trouble-free for a very long time.

Our labor is guaranteed for a 90 days.

If your appliance has any other problems within 90 days from the day of original repair, we promise to fix it with a 50% discount on labor for the second service call.

We are also proud to say that we only use genuine factory parts. This ensures that you get high quality parts with the lowest risk of defect, which increases the chances that your appliance will work problem-free for years to come.

Thank you for using DG Tech!

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